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16 December 2013
What not to Pack for the Move
What not to Pack for the Move

There is a lot to plan, a lot to buy and you require plenty of help. Some of your items will need special packing materials, others will require specific tools to be moved with, and some will require both. In order to manage it is a good idea to go through your belongings and take the full inventory first. Sort out your items and think which need special handling and which can be packed by you and your family. Some items look hard to pack, but with a good video tutorial you can manage on your own. One of the rules for packing is to always know what is inside each box and to label it properly. This is extremely useful after the move when you need to check for damages and start unpacking. One of the disadvantages of doing a house move is that you cannot possibly put everything inside the moving truck or the van. Most moving companies have strict rules in terms of what can be included in your shipment. Moreover, some items, which are not dangerous even, shouldn’t be put inside the truck at all – items of high value, jewellery, personal records and documents. Even if you have the best insurance possible, it is still not reasonable to part with these items. Things which have sentimental value to you such as old family photos and heirlooms should be moved in your own vehicle too. Don’t risk damaging or losing them, because the money you will receive won’t return them. Let’s look at the things you shouldn’t pack for the move in more detail.

Dangerous Goods
This may sound as self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how many people try to sneak in the boxes explosive, flammable or corrosive materials, without even mentioning them to the movers. If you need to do a move, you should dispose of these items before it – either call a recycling service or ask your neighbors if they need them. If you are not sure which items are included in this list of dangerous materials, here are the most common examples: acid, darkroom chemicals, motor oil, sterno, charcoal, pesticides, gasoline, paints, fertilizer, matches, car batteries, lighter fluid, liquid bleach, ammunition, kerosene, chemistry sets, aerosols, pool chemicals, paint thinner, fireworks, weed killer, propane, ammonia, loaded weapons cleaning fluids and others. This long list of items is dangerous both for your other belongings that are being transported inside the truck and for the driver. Any bumps on the road may cause an explosion of some of these items. If you are not sure about a certain item, ask the movers, but don’t take any risks.

This depends on the type of move that you are doing. If you are moving locally, with proper packing you could take some perishables with you, but be careful. Products like eggs, meat and dairy products can go off quicker than you think. If you are doing a long-distance move, dispose of the perishables.

High-Valued Items
This list includes items of either high price value or sentimental value. When you are packing the boxes for the moving truck don’t put inside the following items: personal files (birth certificates, wills, passports, etc.), family movies, financial statements, photo albums, any type of keys, tax records, check books, school and medical records, deeds, jewellery, letters, collections (stamps, coins, art, etc.), computer software and back-up CDs, medicine and so on and so forth.

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