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04Nov 2014
Top Things You Did Not Know about Moving House
Top Things You Did Not Know about Moving House
Moving house is a tremendous experience and it can be quite overwhelming for someone who has never fully went through a similar “event” in their lives. Sometimes, we feel that moving house resumes to finding a new home or office, but the harsh truth is that this experience goes way beyond that. Even more than that, sometimes, even people who have moved before are completely unfamiliar with certain things. We have gathered some of the least known things out there – none of them is meant to scare you off or stress you out, but only to give you a better understanding of how complex moving can be. 1.    It is extremely stressful. You don’t realise just how stressful and nerve-wrecking this experience is until you “try it” on your own skin. Specialists have even linked the amount of stress associated with moving with the amount of stress put on people’s minds and bodies when going through divorces. Now, considering how harsh those can be, you can only imagine what tremendous things your brain is going through when moving.2.    Planning is everything. Be prepared for hell to break loose in the form of boxes and bags overshadowing your life – that, of course, if you don’t plan things ahead of time. While moving is indeed a stressful experience, you can significantly lower the amount of stress your body and mind will feel by simply being organised. Therefore, start searching for a new place to move in as early as possible and get down to planning everything even before you actually find a new place. 3.    Every move is different. Generally speaking, things stay the same with moving: you find a place, you strike a deal, you call the removal service or the man and van hire, you pack things and you finally unpack them when you finally reach your destination. However, every single move out there is different and some of the factors that influence just how different it can get include both you as the “moving person” and the place where you are moving. Once everything is finally in its place at the new home, you will realise that the moving process is not even close to being done. You will start experiencing a new place and maybe a completely new culture as well. The places you were once extremely familiar with will slowly fade off your memory and they will become just another foggy picture. And, at the same time, the blurry surroundings of the place where you move will start to become familiar.  4.    The right service is essential. Regardless of whether you are hiring a removal service provider or simply a man with a van, you should definitely pay attention to this choice. Sometimes, the difference in the quality of the services some of these companies or individuals offer can be extremely poignant! Always go for recommended services and never judge anything by its “cover” – or by its price, for that matter. Keep your eyes open and make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. Be absolutely certain that you understand how the hired company will help you and what is left for you to do! 5.    There is a difference between man and van hires and removals companies. To put it shortly, this difference is mostly connected to the amount of resources each of these services can offer. Generally speaking, the man-van hires usually involve smaller vehicles and fewer service providers at your disposal (and they are suitable for smaller households or offices too). At the same time, removals companies usually come with larger vehicles (suitable for 6 bedroom-households and even larger than that) and with more “human resources” too.

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