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22Apr 2024
We've used WandsworthRemovals twice now and have been completely satisfied with their impeccable service.
Jane H.
11Mar 2024
Thanks to the movers' timely services and excellent communication skills, I could plan other aspects of my relocation with ease.
Heather Foster
28Feb 2024
As a budget-conscious customer, I was thrilled to find Wandsworth Movers as my local moving company. Their quote was outstanding and their movers were top-notch professionals. Thank you!
E. Humphrey
11Feb 2024
This group understands the importance of a smooth move and goes above and beyond to make it happen.
01Feb 2024
We would highly recommend these services to anyone looking for a seamless and hassle-free move - they truly delivered on their promise of excellence.
Mila Reddy
22Jan 2024
This moving company is a true gem in the industry. From their informative approach to their skilled movers, everything was top-notch.
John Martin
11Dec 2023
My experience with this company has been exceptional as everything went smoothly while shipping to such an isolated area.
Dave G.
22Feb 2023
On time as promised, the Wandsworth Moving Company team was friendly and professional, making the process effortless despite my frazzled nerves on the day of the move. Highly recommend.
K. Sanders
06Feb 2023
The task of moving is never easy, though our association with Wandsworth Removal Company made it so much simpler from beginning to end. Their methodical packing techniques together with their moving of all family were carried out proficiently - removing any and all worries about the overall relocation process for us.
Judy Wright
18Jan 2018
Wandsworth Movers made all the things that are usually stressful about moving house - packing and transporting everything - so straightforward and hassle free. They are a really wonderful moving company that sure know their stuff.
Gladis Night
25Nov 2016
I have moved house many times in the last year and have hired various removal companies but none of them was as reliable as Wandsworth Movers! They did not surprise me with any hidden costs and the final price was really cheap!
Willow H.
11Jan 2016
I was extremely happy with Wandsworth Removal Company when we were moving house last month. I called and got a representative out to give me a free quote. I couldn't believe it they were the cheapest removal company I had met with, as I had had several quotes before. I booked immediately and got the date I wanted. Moving day went without a hitch, the truck arrived promptly and the guys started dismantling the big stuff and loading and securing and then filled in with the smaller boxed stuff. It was soon shipped and in my brand new bungalow. Great work and unbelievably low cost.
Betty Ross
21Aug 2015
Wandsworth Movers are a really good moving company for house removals. They offered me lots of help with my move, making sure I had a good vehicle and an ever better mover. This is a great service whether you've moved before or, like me, you're a first timer!
08Apr 2015
Thanks Wandsworth Movers for your help on my moving day! I had literally hundreds of boxes to get to my new home, and half of them were too heavy for me to lift! The movers weren't put off by the volume of boxes, and the vehicle provided was the perfect size for my furniture. I thought my move would take weeks and weeks, but this company made it happen in next to no time. A very worthwhile and reliable service that isn't too pricey either - what more could you ask for?
Darnel F.
06Jan 2015
I would like to show my thanks to WandsworthRemovals for their help with my recent office move. As we're only a small business, I wasn't expecting anything too professional but I found the staff and service to be highly professional throughout the day. The moving men organised all of our packing and moving as requested and ensured that everything we needed was provided. With their support, our office move was a great success.
Mr James
17Dec 2014
I moved abroad a few days ago and I'm here to leave my feedback for WandsworthRemovals. Well, what can I say! This company was excellent from start to finish. I couldn't have done it without these experts on side. It has been an easy and simple and totally stress-free move and it is all down to this amazing removals company. All I can say is thank you! I really appreciate all your help with loading, unloading and taking the stress out of my move.
Richard Cross
24Nov 2014
When my friend at work found out I was moving house she jumped at the chance to tell about her fantastic moving experience with WandsworthRemovals! And she was right to do so! I called you immediately and was provided with the best customer service I've ever come across. Your movers kept their word and took care of my entire house relocation, from start to finish, without any hiccups or delays! Plus I was amazed at what your reasonable prices included!
Rose S.
07Oct 2014
I hired a removal van from WandsworthRemovals a few weeks ago and I'm writing to thank everyone who helped me to find the right van. I've never moved before and I had no idea what I was looking for in a removal vehicle, but the staff were great at advising me and they really paid attention to my needs. I can't express my gratitude enough for what is such a professional and helpful service! If you're looking for a removals van then I highly recommend this company for high-quality and affordable moving vans. Thanks for all of your help!
Linda Jason
10Sep 2014
As soon as I phoned WandsworthRemovals to ask about their services, I was convinced this would be a company I could trust and count on. I got a good vibe from them even from the initial phone call. And, just as I had expected, this removals company was brilliant. On moving day, everything went smoothly and everything was stress-free completely. So please do not hesitate to hire them. I was more than impressed with their services and with their staff. You will be amazed!
Lisa E.
27Aug 2014
As a company, WandsworthRemovals are a very friendly bunch. I was very pleased with how nice it was to have them around as they sorted out my recent removal. You never really know quite what the people that you hire are going to be like. They can be a bit gruff and rude, or they can be over the top and too loud, but this lot were perfectly nice to have around, without it getting in the way of the move itself. As far as removals go, this was extremely painless, and I have the team to thank for that. A great removal at a good price, all I needed!
Tina Miller
16Jul 2014
I am to the sort to boast about such silly things, but I am very pleased with myself having found WandsworthRemovals. They do an incredible job when it comes to ensuring that we got our stuff packed up properly and ready for the international removal that we had to undergo, before starting our new life in Vienna. I tell you, I still don't know the first thing about moving abroad, and we're already here! The team took care of everything, it was magical, and now we're all settled in with no problems. Amazing work all round!
Dennis Rivera
02Jun 2014
WandsworthRemovals are a great removals firm, I have used their services many times over the last five years and never had a problem with them. They will accommodate all kinds of jobs, anything from single item pick up and drop offs to full on house removals and they always offer a professional quality service to clients every time. This company are the only company I know that can help you to move house stress- free and after trying others prior to finding these guys I can safely say I know that is true now. Brilliant service as always!
Donald D.
13May 2014
Please, if you need help with moving or with storage or anything like that, book with a company called WandsworthRemovals. I have hired them several times for various removal needs of mine and they never let me down. Their services are so brilliant and so excellent. I don't know where I'd be without them, honestly. It makes no sense at all to suffer. If you need help with moving, choose this company and no other because this company will definitely not let you down or leave you feeling disappointed. Please book with them now for great removal services.
Michael Ranger
29Apr 2014
The best help I've ever had when moving home was from WandsworthRemovals. They made sure that every aspect of my move was entirely figured out and then approached the move itself with a fantastic degree of professionalism. They moved quickly and efficiently and we had everything unloaded in the new home in no time at all. I really cannot remember such a simple moving process and that is all down to the company who I hired to help me. If you want to make sure that your move goes well, give them a call today and find out more.
Jimmy Griffin
15Apr 2014
When moving house, there are so many things that can go wrong that it is a wonder that anyone ever manages it! I had to move recently, and with my husband not ebbing around to sort it all out, I was relying on WandsworthRemovals for the help and support that I needed. Luckily, they were very nice people, who gave a good removal, and at a price that I could afford. What a relief! I would happily send any one else in their direction, should they be looking for a great removal at a decent and honest price!
29Mar 2014
I had to relocate to another area for a job, and had a lot to deal with. My house had sold and I was under pressure to get out quickly as the new owners wanted to get in. I had found a place to rent, and now it was the move. Luckily a friend suggested I contact WandsworthRemovals as he thought they could do a move at short notice. He was right, within a day of calling I was given a quote and a removal date that suited my plans. What a brilliant and professional company to deal. I appreciate what a great yet fast job they did.
Andrew Faley
19Mar 2014
It seems daft saying it, but hiring experts made everything easier. We were originally planning on handling everything ourselves, but that quickly went out the window when we realised what we had gotten ourselves into. Instead, we got in touch with WandsworthRemovals and from then on everything was far simpler. Rather than leaving us guessing as to what to do next, these guys came in like consummate pros and made sure that everything was done correctly and to the best of their abilities. Really great moving experience and the price was really good as well.
Phillip Howard
28Feb 2014
I've never known moving home to be this easy. I guess this is down to who we hired, because we've been carting the same things around from house to house for years now and this is the first time that we've hired WandsworthRemovals and the first time I can remember that the process has been stress free. My girlfriend's job means moving around a lot and we've experienced the best and the worst removals has to offer, but this time I must say that it blew everything else out of the water. If you want a way to move house properly, I'd say you should already be calling them right now.
Larry Alexander
10Feb 2014
I'm not sure I've ever had such an easy move, so I thought it would be only fair to come on here and make sure that I could add my voice to the others which claimed to praise them so highly. At WandsworthRemovals, they helped me every step of the way, making sure to talk freely and openly over the phone, right through to the final act of unpacking in the new home. It all went by in a flash, and barely cost a fraction of what I thought it might. With their help, I am amazed at how quickly I've settled.
Jose Howard
31Jan 2014
After our recent move we were asked if we would do a survey for WandsworthRemovals to rate their services and help them see in which areas they could improve. All we can say is that after experiencing your phenomenal services first hand, is that there is absolutely nothing that we would want you to change. Your services and employees are so amazing that there is no room for improvement! From your caring staff members to your low rates, we are thrilled to have had the privilege of hiring your moving company. So as far as we are concerned; “Please, do not change a thing!”.
P. Lee
21Jan 2014
I've always had the help of friends and family when I've moved house, but after an unfortunate incident involving my television last time I moved, I thought I'd better hire some professionals this time! Someone told me about WandsworthRemovals and, after reading some good reviews, I hired some movers to help me move my furniture and my big items into my new home. I found the staff to be really skilled and efficient and I have nothing bad to say about the service at all. It was really affordable and I'm very pleased! Will definitely use this company again!
07Jan 2014
In many ways, finding a great removals company is something that you will use for the rest of your life. If you know that one removals company are great, and you are not moving very far, then they will always be the company that you use. I think I will use WandsworthRemovals for a long, long while either way, and would recommend that everyone else do so too. The staff are friendly, the service is great and the prices are incredible, so it's a pretty good deal all round really!
Janice L.
28Dec 2013
I was stressed about moving my home, as I had many arrangements to prepare for. Immediately after calling WandsworthRemovals I felt significantly more relaxed about the moving process. They were able to plan my move with me, so that I was informed during each stage of the process. They were reliable and most importantly, they were affordable. They customized their services to better suit my unique needs, so they only provided the services that I requested. They were friendly throughout the move and reassured me throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them for anybody planning a home move, they are reliable and affordable.
Steven Owen
18Dec 2013
I was suspicious of WandsworthRemovals's claim that they could provide high quality home removal service at an affordable price. I needed a full service home move that was accommodating and affordable. But I was impressed with WandsworthRemovals as they delivered exactly the service they advertised. They provided me with an accommodating home move, they packed, loaded and wrapped my belongings so that I could make other arrangements. They were extremely reliable and friendly. They made the move quick and easy. They saved me a lot of hassle and I would definitely recommend them to anybody who is planning a home or apartment move.
Claudio M.