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Packing and Boxes in Wandsworth


Packing ServicesWhen we think of moving home, no matter how much we dream about the fun and opportunities that can occur, out mind instantly gravitates towards the nightmare of packing. It can seem so straight forward but when you have to carefully organise you whole life, arrange it, put it all together, warp it up and put it containers it starts sounding harder and harder, not to mention all the time it can take. You may try your best to do it yourself but you will soon find yourself scrambling around for any type of box you can find and just stuffing everything into boxes to get it all done, disregarding the she safety of your belongings and the safety of yourself. Help is at hand. is a specialised moving company that aims to take the pressure of your move, giving you more free time and even saving you money. You can sit back and let us do all the work as out trained staff will tackle all of your packaging concerns. Our team are all full trained, experienced and knowledgeable about moving and so will provide the best advice and service you could ask for.

Right away we can give you tips on how to go about packing, making sure than everything is done swiftly and properly. We will supply you with all the special wrapping you need that will keep your possessions clean and free from damage. Bubble wrap is invaluable and will guarantee the integrity of fragile items such as mirrors and ornaments.

Your clothes will also be taken care of, as we use special wardrobe boxes that will prevent tear and even creases.

We also provide all the containers you could ever need. Our boxes will be specially suited, coming in different materials and in all the sizes you could want. The humble cardboard box will be a valuable tool in your move but plastic boxes can be essential for fragile items to prevent breaks. The boxes will also be suited for the weight of items, so you know that the object and the person carrying it are safe. So not matter what you’re moving we’ve got you covered.

Boxes in WandsworthOur polite and careful staff will pack you things with the utmost care, ensuring that nothing is scratched, dented or broken. When moving large objects we take extra precaution not to slam into walls or doors, etc, preventing damage to your things and your home. We know how to maximise each container, fitting in as much as possible without overloading it or crushing fragile items. By hiring us you can guarantee you’ll be free from injury, as we will pack everything so that they’re easy to lift and will even carry them for you.

Once you’ve got all your smaller belongings sorted you then have to worry about your larger items of furniture such as desks, beds and sofas, but naturally, our company has got you covered. Our team can skilfully disassemble them making them easier to move through and carry out of your home and simpler to transport. Rest assured, we don’t leave your things in pieces because as soon as they are transported to your new location we will happily rebuild them wherever they’re needed.

Whether you’re taking your time or in a hurry we’re here for you. A typical two bedroom home will only take us a day to pack and transport, so we eliminate the biggest and longest problem of moving in no time at all, so is helping you to get home sooner.