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17Apr 2014
Student Storage Tips and Hints
Student Storage Tips and Hints
It is surprising how many possessions we collect over time, this is no except to students whilst you are away at college or university, generally if you are the college or university digs you will have little space with just the basics such as a bed, wardrobe and desk in your room, so storing your worldly possessions is important whilst you are away from college or university or just for that little bit more storage for your books and other items. Whilst the holiday approach it is worth thinking about using storage facilities to store your possessions whilst you are gone for a break, the alternative of course is to carry all your possessions with you and then back to your college or university again, this can prove very tedious, tiring and expensive, and generally you will lose a few items along the way. There are many storage companies are available to meet students’ needs and requirements that offer a good price for storing your items whether you are away for the summer holidays or you are on a gap break, such companies offer a safe and secure storage to suit your needs and many will also provide the packaging materials needed and also collect your possessions for you, depending on which company you chose some storage companies will arrange for your items to be collected for free. However we do know that student life can have it financial restraints, so it may be a good idea to arrange the packaging at least by yourself, after all it is not an entire house contents that you need to place into storage. Many companies offer student rates, so inform the company of your student status before you get a quote, as you will be surprised as to how much you can save from your college or University ID card. Also if you need good assess to your belongings it is worth investigating personal storage units, such storage units generally come with their own lock and key, where you will have 24 hour access.  A good personal storage unit will also have 24 hour cctv and be alarmed for an extra piece of mind. As students are generally on a budget it may be worth considering to rent a larger storage unit together and share the cost, by renting a slightly bigger unit to fit your and a friends belongings can work out cheaper that if renting a small storage unit alone, as the larger unit will work out cheaper per square metre that a single smaller one. If you only have small items to store ask around your college or university to see if anyone else is getting a storage unit and if they have any room, so you can pay a small percentage of the bill, if you do prefer your own space it is also worth considering renting a storage locker, this is ideal for smaller important items such as your books and small electrical equipment. Also shop around for the best deals and companies that offer a student discount, all inclusive deals are also something to look into as you can get packaging material, collection, delivery and the storage unit for one great price, also if you want a longer term contract for maybe a gap year look for deals such as one month for free, also ask for further discounts if a have a group of friends require storage.

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