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08Sep 2015
Five Tasks to Keep in Mind on Moving Day
Five Tasks to Keep in Mind on Moving Day

Relocation is often so stressful that we conveniently forget some of the very crucial tasks that need to be taken care of when moving house. In order to make it easier for you to remember these tasks, we have taken the liberty to make a list of the essential errands that you will need to do before moving. So take out your notebook and jot them down because no matter what kind of moving you are doing, this is going to be important and relevant to you on moving day.

Stow away valuables before the move
With a number of strangers romping through your house on moving day, it is better to not leave your valuables and important documents lying around. Not to say that house movers are dishonest but in the rush of things, one might misplace important articles. That is why it is best to put your jewellery, Removals-61_250x167cash and important documents such as passports, property papers, bonds etc. in a bag that you carry with yourself during the move or leave them with a friend or family member.

Don’t leave your boxes unattended
Everything is probably going to be crazy on moving day, and you might have to be in more places than one at the same time. While the movers are in your house and working at moving and loading, you might have to leave some entranceways open so that they can move in and out easily. However, don’t leave your home unattended, even if you have packed away most of it in boxes. The people from the removal company will likely be uniformed and the rest would Moving Boxes-14_250x167either be family or friends, all familiar faces, so always look out for who is in and around the house and beware of lurking strangers.

Leave your security alarm on
When you leave the old property, it might seem tempting to turn off the alarm system in the house. That will probably save you a lot on electricity bills and there is possibly nothing much left in the house to steal. However, to avoid unwanted squatting incidences or any other activity that might damage the property, it is advisable to leave the alarm on until repossession. If you are not the direct owner of the house, you might want to speak with the landlord or agency about this concern.

Clean your current house
If you want to get back your deposit from your old landlord/lady, you should ensure that the house is as presentable and functional as it was when he/she handed it over to you. Even otherwise, it is just good nature to leave behind a clean house before you move out. So after the removals team is done shuffling in and out, give the house 4_250x167_1a thorough clean and fix whatever you can. This will help the landlord or agency get the property ready for sale or rent fast and make it more attractive to prospective buyers or tenants.

Leave a note about your new address
Even though you have notified service providers and postal services about your change of address, there still might be some people whom you have forgotten to notify. For posterity’s sake, let the neighbours or the new tenants know to best contact you regarding any deliveries, and/or arrange a time to visit them to pick up mail left for you. If you can’t do either, it might be better to leave a note on the door or porch about where someone looking for you can reach you, preferably a contact number.

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