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06Mar 2015
Removal Tips For A Pain-Free Relocation
Removal Tips For A Pain-Free Relocation

Finding the right advice about transporting furniture and personal possessions and can be just as important as discovering the correct removal company when it comes to achieving a successful and smooth relocation. There is no substitute for research. Painstaking homework into every available removals service is vital for all would-be movers. Experts recommend a matter of months of preparation before deciding down which avenue of transportation you wish to proceed. Look at the facilities provided by man and van hire firms as well as larger specialist companies.

1.    The removal vans come in all shapes and sizes. Measure the dimensions of your largest items to ensure that they will fit within the specific vehicle. Some companies quote in terms of the cubic metre of goods being transported; if this is at all confusing, it is sensible to ask the company to visit your premises to assess the volume of goods you want moved. This is also a good way of assessing the flexibility and reliability of the transportation company. Reputable firms will gladly do this for you. You can also check their punctuality by requesting a pre-arranged visit.

2.    If you decide to have a home meeting with your removal services provider, this is a good time to pick their brains. You are paying for their experience and expertise, so make the most of it. Ask questions about necessary packing materials, lifting gear and public liability insurance. Get quotes for each stage of the move so that you can determine if it is worthwhile for you to pack and load your things personally or leave it to the experts.

3.    Make yourself a checklist complete with deadlines and stick to it as rigidly as possible. Leave some spare time to tackle any surprises that can crop up in any relocation process. Consult your chosen movers to make sure that they can comply with your timeline, and to check that they think you have everything covered.

4.    Write out a complete list of the articles that you are having transported. Some removal companies will need to know the dimensions of every article. You should also compile an inventory complete with the replacement value of each item for insurance purposes. This is a good time to make sure that you have the receipts and manufacturer’s warranties for your goods.

5.    Decide if you will need help from the moving company if you have flat-pack furniture to take apart and re-assemble at your destination. Determine whether or not you will be charged extra for such services. Another possible hidden cost is the use of additional porters to deal with heavy and/or awkward items. Bear in mind that Health and Safety regulations legislate how much weight each individual is allowed to lift and carry.

6.    Liaise with your house movers to sort out any issues over parking and access at both addresses. Double check the availability of your new keys with the estate agent or landlord. Remember to alert your bank, insurers and utility companies of the date of your move.

Reliable advice can be priceless when contemplating a move in London for businesses and individuals. Use any hints to help you create an overview of the alternative styles of companies that can best assist you at every step along the road to a safe and low-stress relocation. Draw up a shortlist of removal operations that have the ideal facilities to suit your specific needs with regards to packing, lifting and carrying your belongings.

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