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28Nov 2014
Money-Saving Moving House Tips
Money-Saving Moving House Tips
When you’re doing something as expensive as moving house then it’s a good idea to try to save money where you can. Moving can cost you a lot of money, and if you want to cut the costs of your moving day then here are some helpful hints and tips to get you off to the best start possible!1)    Using second-hand packing materials.Packing materials don’t have to be bought from a shop – you can save money by using the things you already have! Try using bedding, sheets and towels to pad out boxes with fragile items in them, and wrap delicate things in newspapers and magazines to keep them safe. You can also make use of any plastic storage boxes, plastic drawers or suitcases that you have in your home, as these make great substitutions for traditional packing materials. Get creative and have a look around your home to see what you can use for moving day!2)    Using second-hand boxes.Second-hand boxes are free, and can be found at your local supermarkets and shops. Most places will have no problems with giving you their unwanted stock boxes, so ask around the stores near you. Make sure that any second-hand boxes are reinforced with packing tape, as they are boxes that have been used before. It’s a good idea to take note of what the box you’re using originally contained, as this will give you an idea of the weight that it was created to carry. You don’t want to overload or over-pack second hand boxes, so be wary of what it is they can carry.3)    Getting friends and family to help.Your friends and family can be invaluable when it comes to your house move. Start by asking to see if they can lend you or give you any packing supplies or boxes. You might be able to borrow plastic storage boxes or a suitcase as well, which are fantastic to use if you’re packing lots of items. It’s also a good idea to find out if they can help you on moving day. Having an extra pair of helping hands for your furniture removals, or an extra vehicle to load up with your belongings, can be very useful, so it’s worth calling in any favours that you might be owed!4)    Innovative packing methods.By getting a little creative you can save lots of money when you move. Instead of purchasing clothes boxes, try using a suitcase, or – if you don’t want to have to deal with creases after the move – try ripping a small hole in a refuse sack and using it to cover your clothes while they’re still on the hanger. Drape your now-protected clothes over boxes in your car to keep them flat on the go. Another great idea is to pack up under-the-bed storage boxes and tape them shut to protect your belongings, or try removing the drawers from your furniture, packing them, and wrapping them for on-the-go makeshift storage solutions!5)    Saving money with your removal company.If you’ve hired the help of removal companies for your big day then it’s worth bartering with them to get a better price. Make sure you compare the costs of any companies you might be interested in before hiring them, and – if you’re hiring them for more than one service – ask about package deals that could save you money!

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