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16 December 2013
How to Reduce the Moving Stress
How to Reduce the Moving Stress

Everybody knows that doing a house move is quite a stressful experience. If you think it can go smoothly, then you need to put lots of effort. However, this still doesn’t guarantee less stress. The bigger the move is and the longer the distance, the more stressed you will be. Having to deal with the entire move, the communication with your family, the budget and the choice of a moving company are all big responsibilities. The good news is there are plenty of ways to reduce the stress of the house move. Here are the basic tips on how to do that.

Have Enough Time
This would depend on the circumstances of your move of course, but if you have chosen the moving day, then make sure you have plenty of time for the preparation process too. It is proven that if you are not rushing through the initial process, you will be less stressed and you will feel much more confident. If you don’t have control over time, get plenty of help and a really good moving company. The movers will be able to do everything within a shorter timeframe so you wouldn’t have to worry. Usually most families manage to organize and do a move in about eight weeks.

Get Organized
This includes making a checklist, an inventory list and a budget list. These three lists are an absolute must for a stress-free house move and they will keep you focused and always on track.

Get Rid of the Clutter
One of the certain reasons for high levels of stress during a house move is the realization of how much clutter you own and the dilemma whether to move it or leave it behind. Packing material and transporting goods is expensive, so you need to throw away, sell or donate everything that you are not using anymore or everything you won’t even have room to store at the new house. Do that before you hire the moving truck and you will feel much better about the whole process. Being in control of the entire move is not easy as you will need to make some important decisions, but this one is a must – don’t move piles of old and unwanted items just because you’ve been storing them for years.

Ask For Help
If you don’t want to stress out, you need to admit to yourself and the others that you need help. Nobody is expecting of you to deal with an entire move on your own. Talk to friends and family members and decide upon a way that everyone can give you a hand. Play some favourite music while packing and talk to your friends. This is a great stress reliever and you will see the difference immediately.

Say Goodbye
Saying goodbye before you move is always stressful and sad, but if you take the time to do it you will feel much better. Make a party or go out with your friends and relatives and don’t let frustration overcome you. Do that a couple of days before the moving day and it will help you de-stress a lot.
Remember that you need to have a back-up plan if something goes wrong on the moving day or before that and don’t forget to treat yourself once the move is over. A house move is a chance to start fresh and do things differently, it is an opportunity to meet new people and arrange your house in a whole different way. Think about the advantages and all the positive things from the move.

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