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16 December 2013
Get To Know All Your Options Before Renting Self Storage SW18
Get To Know All Your Options Before Renting Self Storage SW18

Self storage is a very useful service with many different advantages and applications. It can be used when going through a move; by storing clutter when your house is up for viewing, it will look far more appealing and could potentially add a chunk to its value. In the same vein, you can store seasonal items like Halloween and Christmas decorations until you want to use them. Heck, some people even use these storage spaces to house small businesses, as long as the location is right. No matter who you are, there’s a good chance that you’ll benefit from using SW18 self storage.

Though, that being the case, you should definitely weigh up all of your options first. There’s a few different types of self storage, and they all have something that sets them apart from each other. The two most widely used types are indoor and outdoor storage, and in this article I’ll do my best to break down their good and bad points. By taking note of each option, you’ll be able to hire the right SW18 storage service.


Indoor self storage units are typically the most widely used. They’re usually based in sturdy warehouses, which means no matter what the weather, they’ll provide the same level of storage protection. And, as long as you hire a good one, they’ll be protected by a high level of security too. Guards, cameras and alarms are all standard fare in these places, as well as sturdy fencing arrangements.

Though, all this security and protection does come at a price though. Indoor storage units, while not unreasonable are typically the most expensive type. The containers are only really accessible on foot too, so there are better options available if you want to store heavier and more cumbersome items.

I would recommend indoor storage to those who want to store light, but valuable items in high security. Things like jewellery and important documents are a perfect fit for these places. They’ll be protected from the elements as well as thieves, so you shouldn’t worry about them.


Outdoor storage companies aren’t as numerous as the indoor variety, but they’re still a worthy option for your SW18 storage needs. Outdoor storage units either take the form of shipping containers or garages. There’s a wide variety of storage sizes on offer with both, so you have plenty of options available with this storage type. Security is no slouch here either, though not quite as thorough as indoor units, they’re still protected by CCTV and proper alarms. Outdoor units are also more accessible, so you can drive your van right up to your unit, and deposit your heavier goods. The biggest draw for outside storage though? They’re the cheapest type of self storage available, and for all this convenience, who could pass it up?

Well, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind when hiring this type. They’re based outdoors, so they’re not as resistant to the weather as the indoor units. So to combat this, you’ll have to wrap your items up in plastic sheets as a water-proofing precaution. And you might want to consider additional security too. A few extra locks on the exterior as well as on some of your more valuable boxed items will go a long way.

I would recommend outdoor storage to those on a move. It’s ideal for temporary storage of heavier objects like furniture and appliances, and it’s accessible, flexible and more affordable when you’re only hiring for the short term.

So, there are your SW18 self storage options. Both indoor and outdoor storage units have their advantages over each other, but at the end of the day they’re both flexible and inexpensive ways of storing your stuff. Whether you’re moving home or just creating a little extra room, keep self storage in mind.

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