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16 December 2013
Essentials and none Essentials if You are Living in a Place for just a Year
Essentials and none Essentials if You are Living in a Place for just a Year

It’s sometimes necessary for you to move in to a house or apartment that you know you won’t inhabit for more than a year. Maybe you are looking for something more long term and just need a temporary home, or maybe you are a student and will be moving elsewhere afterwards. Whatever the reason, because you will be moving again in a year, it’s necessary to cut down on possessions that you don’t really need and make the moving process that much more difficult. Here is your list of essentials and none essentials for when you only have one year in a home, assuming you already have beds and sofas and other necessities.

If you are a modern man or woman, the likelihood is that you will have a computer of some description and therefore also have the Internet. It is therefore not completely necessary to have a television, especially one of great size. You now have access to all sorts of websites that provide you with most things available with T.V viewing packages. This may sound a little extreme but it is perfectly doable and actually quite pleasant not having the looming presence of a television watching over you. It will save you money on a T.V license and on whatever provider, and plan, you would usually choose. Most importantly, it saves you from having to carry it around as you move around.

Along the same line as the T.V-Internet relationship is that of the mobile phone-landline relationship. There really is no need to have a landline phone in your house, it just another thing that you don’t have the energy to pack. If you have a good plan with your mobile phone provider then you are perfectly contactable through that. Even if your internet provider wants to give you a landline as well, say no, it’s not worth it. Coupled with the internet and the modern revolution of social networking the landline telephone has essentially become superfluous, especially for residents of homes that are not planning on staying somewhere long.

The recent development of electronic reading devices, such as the kindle, provide the temporary resident with the perfect remedy for the dreaded task of packing books at the end of the year. If you are a big reader and find yourself having to lug sacks of books around whenever you move, e-readers are perfect. They hold thousands of books in their memory and taken up roughly about a thousandth of the space too. Some people prefer books because they enjoy the traditional nature of books, but once you start using e-readers it is extremely difficult to go back to books. They are so easy to use, have such a long battery life and are equipped with extremely accessible features that books become unnecessary for anyone who is not putting down long term roots in a new home.

Unfortunately there is no way to completely eradicate the tedious and, always, overwhelming nature of moving house but it is possible to streamline your possessions. Think to yourself, what items make other items unnecessary, and half the battle is won.

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