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16 December 2013
Things to Check When Choosing Professional Packers
Things to Check When Choosing Professional Packers

Professional packers can make the whole process of moving a lot easier, but what should you be looking for when researching a packing company. There are a few factors that can make the difference between a great value service and unnecessary cost. Below are some pointers to help you get the best value.

Decide what sort of packing service you require

While it’s easy to assume that packing services will simply cover all items in your removals process, most professional packers have a number of solutions available depending on a client’s needs. You might think for example, that it won’t be worth the money to hire packers for a smaller move, but have you thought about how to move your heavy household appliances like fridges, or large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes or beds? If you only require certain items to be moved, then most of the time packers will be happy to deal with specific things. This can be very useful for heavy appliances that you might require careful handling. It’s even possible to request that packers move valuables only, or other items you want handled especially carefully. Check what kind of options your potential packers offer, as you might be surprised, and be able to make use of their service even in smaller moves, and having professionals on hand is never a bad thing.

Check what your removal company offers

Most of the time, removal companies will offer packing services alongside their removal service. This can be advantageous because you are dealing with one contact and getting two services. Generally this will be a cheaper option than hiring packers separately, and any instructions that you give to the removal company in terms of how to handle specific goods or valuables will also be passed on to the packers, saving you having to contact different people to relay the same information.


One benefit of using a professional packing service is insurance. You will be covered in the event of any breakages or damage, so you won’t have to cover the cost yourself. Breaking or damaging items when packing yourself can become a costly process, as generally you will simply have to pay for a replacement. Having insurance and professional packers may end up saving you money in this case, although most packing services are very careful to make sure no damage comes to any of your goods. Make sure to check what insurance options are available. In the case of going inclusive with your removal company, you will probably be able to get all aspects of the removal covered, so check your options.

Get an Estimate

Once you have a clear sense of what services you’ll need, make sure to get an estimate from the packers. In many cases, packers are able to offer quite precise quotes. It can be worth going over your budget and seeing how much packing materials would cost to buy yourself. In some cases, you might be better off getting simply packing your own goods. This might apply if you are moving out of a small flat perhaps, but in the case of larger households or businesses, then using packing services is probably going to be a good investment simply for the fact that you will save a lot of time, and it may be impractical to try and do everything yourself. Either way, getting a quote will give you a good sense of how/whether to proceed with using a packing service.

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