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16 December 2013
Pricing it Up: Removals Quotes
Pricing it Up: Removals Quotes

We’re part of a society where we are constantly trying to seek out the best deals and avoid over-spending. It’s no wonder, what with the recession hitting us so abruptly and the normal prices of essentials such as food and even water being so high, we will try and avoid spending too much on trivial things. When it comes to removals, can we afford to spend a little extra? Or should prices be lower?

After extensive research and comparisons, the average prices of removals really depend on what you’re taking with you and moving in general. Some quotes can be between £800 – £1000. This would seem a lot if you were moving the contents of a flat, but when moving your belongings from a larger house, this is probably just about average price-wise. Perhaps the way to do it is to move the smaller items yourself, by hiring a van (again, prices do depend) or loading up your personal car and attempting a few drives to and forth. Some companies may price a quote up depending on the load rather than the time.

Hiring help such as a man and a van can cost on average, £45 for the first hour then just £35 per hour. The prices double up depending on the number of professionals and the number of vans used on the day. The things to look out for are whether you get any extras with the service you pay for, such as lifting, materials and insurance. Also, when choosing a property, it’s probably better in advance to save money aside for hired help, however if it’s a job you could easily do yourself, you ultimately save money in the long-run.

When moving the contents of a small flat for instance, this is probably something you can do without any help. However, if you’ve got large appliances, furniture and overall, a lot of stuff to move with you, and you’re moving into a similar sized flat you may want to consider help in manoeuvring these bits through doors and windows to avoid damage and injury.

Mileage is another factor to consider. So a company may calculate time, contents and mileage. Another company may only consider this. How far your next location is to your current one will increase the price in accordance. This applies greatly when moving abroad or further away in the same country. If this is the case, you may want to consider only taking the bare minimum and selling a lot of your goods to make a spending fund for new or second-hand furniture and appliances. A similar point to consider to is whether you’re conducting the move in one day or over a space of days or different days. You may need to pay for storage at a local storage centre, especially when you’re considering removal abroad. If not, you could see if any close relatives or friends have any space they could help you out with. It’s better to ask around before coming to a ultimate decision.

All in all, the prices of removals really depend on the type of move you are planning on going ahead with. The best thing to do financially is gather quotes and try and make estimates for prices. You’ll probably be surprised at what you can save, especially through using money-saving, expert advice; you’re therefore much more likely to under spend rather than overspend your budget. Taking into consideration the current prices available at the moment, how far you are moving and how much stuff you’re taking, you should be able to get a reasonably priced deal with a few extras to help you with an easier move. So try to consider this before neglecting the idea altogether.

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