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16 December 2013
Make your SW18 House Removal a Stress-free Experience
Make your SW18 House Removal a Stress-free Experience

The key to a stress free move is organisation. No matter the size of your move or whether you are relocating into or out of the SW18 area, making sure you plan ahead and are prepared for what moving home entails will make the whole process a lot smoother. Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in our lives according to research, but by following a few simple guidelines you can minimise the potential problems (and therefore stress), leaving you to arrive in or leave the SW18 area as easily as possible.

How to organise

Although the main things on your mind are likely to be packing and finding a removal company, before you start doing any of these things it can be very beneficial to write a to do list, or checklist. Make sure you include everything that will need to be done prior to your move. Also, making a schedule in parallel to your checklist will give you a time frame to follow, and will help prioritise what needs to be done.

Organising the packing

The earlier you can start packing, the better. In order to avoid frantically packing last minute, think about what things can be packed in advance. Generally, a good approach is to start packing things that are not used very often first. While doing this, it can also be beneficial to have a good clear out. Any old things that have been taking up space in your cupboards, old kitchen appliances and TVs etc, can be got rid of entirely. You might want to try selling some of these old or unwanted items too, as they can help contribute to your moving budget.

Once you have your least used items packed up, work gradually up to the things you use on a daily basis. Ideally, you want to try and keep with your schedule here, so that when moving day arrives the only things left to pack are the everyday essentials that have to be left until last. To keep your packing organised, make sure you have a good supply of sticky labels or a couple of marker pens. Label boxes clearly with contents, and what room they need to be unloaded in once you’ve relocated. This will save you a lot of stress when it comes to unpacking, as everything will be in the right room straight from the removal van.

Organising the unpacking

As mentioned, by labelling boxes you can make sure everything gets to the desired room as soon as you unload, saving you having to move things around once you’ve moved into a new SW18 home. You can take this organised approach to unpacking even further, by drawing up a rough floor plan of your new property, and deciding in advance of moving day where all your heavy furniture and appliances need to go. By doing this, you can make full use of your removal company, and get them to unload your heavy goods right into their desired places. This gets all the heavy lifting out of the way as soon as possible, saves on any time consuming shifting around, and lets you get on with the rest of the unpacking.

Have a backup plan

Sometimes, no matter n how much we plan, something can go wrong. However, you can still be prepared for unexpected problems to some degree. When coming up with your schedule, try and give yourself a few extra days either side of your move in case anything holds things up or goes wrong. It’s also very useful to have the number of a reliable man in a van, if you have any last minute transport problems, as they often provide greater flexibility than a removal company and can be hired at short notice.

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