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16 December 2013
Calculating The Space in a Box
Calculating The Space in a Box

The golden rule of a move is that if your packing has been done correctly then your relocation will be completed without problems. In order to handle the packing successfully you will be obliged to acquire boxes-small, medium, large. Boxes are the safest and most comfortable containers in which you can put your stuff during a move. You can put most of the heavier stuff from your home in boxes and safely load them in a vehicle. They are also the best option for packing and unpacking.

The trickiest thing about boxes is the manner in which you can fill their space with your belongings. You have to pack your things in a box tightly enough so that they don‘t bump into each other while moving them but you should also be careful not to tear the box. This is why you should always carefully divide all of your stuff into groups all of which must perfectly fit the space in each box. This will take time but you can be sure that if a box tears along the way or while you are carrying it you will have a lot more expensive and continuous problems in the future.

The following are some general tips of how to smartly and efficiently fill a box of any size:
-The type of boxes that are suitable for most of the things in your house are the medium ones because most of your belongings in the house are not to small or too large.
-Almost every type of item can fit into a box of an ordinary size so if you are unsure what boxes to purchase, you can be sure that by buying medium-sized boxes you will make more or less the right choice.
-If you have contacted professionals you are obliged to ask for their opinion on the matter. They will give you the best advice possible about the size of boxes you need to use during your packing.
-If you happen to be in a hurry and you don‘t have the time to properly compare the size of your belongings and the space in the boxes, remember that you should always place first the big items and then if it is possible to add the smaller ones into the box.  
-The quickest way to measure is through your palms. It is not completely accurate, but it is clever and quick and in most cases it helps you do a satisfying job.
-If you want to be more punctual you will have to get a calculator and measure with a roulette the length of each side of the box and then measure the size of each of your items. This is the slowest but most efficient way of finding out what can or can‘t fit  your boxes.
-If you have old unnecessary stuff that you don‘t need to transport to your new home you can use them to test a box. Fill a box with a bunch of unnecessary stuff and see what weight it can carry and how easy it is to transport it.

If you are moving, your best option for the packing part is to buy boxes. The better you know how to pack, the fewer boxes you will need to buy. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to make your move both safer and cheaper.

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