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Appliance Sliders: This relatively new product was designed to make moving large pieces of furniture much easier. Rather than having to lift and carry heavy objects, appliance sliders can be placed between the ‘floor touching’ edge and the floor to allow it to slide easily. They can be purchased in all shapes and sizes and offering different finishes.

Box Sack Trolley: Another very helpful tool to consider when moving home is a box sack trolley. It is simply an ‘L’ shaped frame which sits on 2 wheels. You can load up to 3 large boxes on to an average size trolley, then you tilt it back onto the wheels and you’re away. Carrying lots of heavy boxes, even when using correct manual handling techniques, will definitely put a strain on your back; this product almost eliminates the stresses put on your back when lifting unaided.

Grip Gloves: Buying a decent set of gloves before the move is another sensible idea, cardboard boxes may feel soft to the touch, but once loaded with your possessions (15kg on average) and ferried to a van outside 20 – 30 times, it doesn’t feel quite so smooth anymore. Investing a few pounds in a decent pair of PVC lattice finish for grip gloves will save you a lot of pain.

Wardrobe Boxes: Many people spend a lot of money on their clothing, designer garments can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds, so protecting them during transit is a good thing to do. Obviously not everyone is willing to pay extra for a “bigger box” but if you are willing to spend a lot of money on clothing, you are most likely willing to protect it properly. Wardrobe Boxes are perfectly designed to house and protect you clothing when it is transported to its new home. They are better than standard plastic covers as they take more force to penetrate. A very useful product you can usually find for a decent price.

Plastic Folding Crates: This product is exceptional, in design, performance and durability. Made of a hard plastic, these crates lie flat then fold out into a box shape; they even have built in handle. They can be stacked on top of one another and won’t slide apart when going round corners as they have specially designed groves to hold them in place. They can cost many times more than the conventional cardboard box, but if used properly and sensibly, they can last for many years.

Carpet Protector: This product is an excellent idea when moving into a nice new property, especially if it is during the wet winter months. It is a self-adhesive polythene sheet you can lay over carpet to protect it from muddy feet or any dust created during the move. You can install this product very quickly so it is possible to cover your new house before you begin moving in. It will stay in place for 4 – 5 weeks and is simply removed without leaving a mark. A very useful product which can be purchased in many sizes, usually 50cm x 10m.

Furniture Covers: A good idea when moving is to cover all your large furniture, Sofas, beds, mattresses, maybe you have a piano you’d like to keep dust free. Whatever you have, you will be able to find a suitable product to cover it. You may not think your possessions will be exposed to much dust or dirt going from house to van to house, but you’d be surprised. Imagine you’re all boxed up and ready to go, when a huge cloud burst and it continues to pour with rain for the rest of the day, you will wish you’d have covered everything. Most covers can be purchased rather inexpensively may survive several moves.